About Carol Bond

I grew up in New Jersey until my early 20s and currently live in the Pocono Mountains in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Living in the Poconos offers me the best of the region. I have magnificent forests outside my door and I am only two hours away from the beaches of New Jersey. Both places offer me a variety of plants and flowers to study and draw.

Flowers and plants as subject matter are interesting because how do you improve its beauty? You can only emphasize it. I am moving more towards still life because there are so many textures to recreate with colored pencil.

I also have an adoring love for animals. I have two dogs, a Pitbull/Lab and a Newfoundland/Retriever. They are always trying to assist me in whatever they can when they aren't napping. My love for my pets has led to my admiration of wildlife. There is nothing more stunning than an animal in the wild, that is a pure inspiration and that is where my love for drawing wildlife steps in.

My work falls in between realism and impressionism. You can easily know what is drawn, but it is not photo-realistic. When people view my work, they comment on the depth of an animal's eyes or the colors I chose for a particular piece. I want the viewer to be able to relax while looking at my work and know what the subject is. I want them to be able to see the beauty I saw when creating the piece.

In 2016, I became a member of the Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA).

I work mostly with colored, watercolor and pastel pencils. I chose colored pencils as my preferred medium because they are easy to handle, easy to clean up after and store, I can get as loose or detailed as I want to, and I can have either a drawn or painterly look to my work. Other mediums I enjoy are watercolor paints and pastels. You can find my work on a variety of surfaces from paper or canvas to drafting film.

The dogs helping.