I love what I do.
It is my passion and purpose.

Carol Bond is an artist and life coach who enjoys recreating the objects we see in our day-to-day lives, taking a closer look at what makes these objects so unique through color and lighting.

She shows her work to anyone she can get to look at it in Blakeslee, Pennsylvania. So stop by for a cup of coffee. If too far for a visit, some select pieces can be seen in her online gallery, or purchased from her online shop.

Carol has a passion for helping other artists fulfill their potential, which sparked the creation of the Beginners & Beyond site, as well as her coaching business, Carol Bond Life Coaching.

She lived the executive life in the recruiting industry, where she began coaching clients. Not cut out for the nine to five schedule, she began drawing again in 2014 and selling commissions. This led to discovering the facebook group, Colored Pencils for Beginners & Beyond, which is a part of her creative life since becoming the owner of it in 2018.

Carol was born in Lakewood, New Jersey and grew up in Jersey City, New Jersey, which will always have a place in her heart. She currently resides in Blakeslee, Pennsylvania amongst the trees and wildlife since 1994.

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