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WIP Lollipop

I started 'Lollipop' on Thursday and here it is Monday. I decided on Saturday to finally upgrade my computer to Windows 10. Well, over 12 hours later it was done on Sunday morning when I woke up. Then Sunday, I had to play with all my new gadgets. 

What is a Colored Pencil?

A colored pencil is a narrow, pigmented core encased in a wooden cylindrical case. They are either wax- or oil-based. They contain varying proportions of pigments, binding agents and other additives. Water-soluble and pastel pencils are also considered colored pencils.

Color Chip Charts

I had made a color chip chart a few months ago for myself. I've seen a few questions on various social media pages regarding selecting colors for your work.

Art Display Recommendations

Protecting your artwork and photos

Art Display Recommendations

Framing art protects it from dirt, dust and handling. I strongly suggest using a professional framer. While frames can be inexpensively purchased at Walmart, they will not protect a piece of artwork properly. Over time the piece can fade or buckle.

Shopping for Art Supplies

Anyone who has shopped for quality art supplies knows that they can often be expensive. Since I am a frugal shopper, I tend to shop around. usually has the cheapest prices on items, combined with the discounts they give on non-sale items and free shipping. I create a list so that I meet the discount requirements when I am ready to order. I have an, "I want it now" attitude, so I usually opt-in for 2-3 day Fed-Ex Home delivery and pay $2-4 for shipping (a discounted shipping fee when you meet the free shipping requirement).