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Mounting Putty, Blu-Tac

Mounting putty, also known as blu-tac, is not used only for hanging posters anymore. It can be used for lifting pencil sketch lines and layers of color from a colored pencil piece.


It has been a very busy week. I completed 'Cherry Tomatoes' and a portrait, 'Texas'. I have the information about portraits on the website, I just need to add some pictures.

I realized last night that my scanner is not scanning correctly, so the colors are off in the pictures I post. 


I had to share this cute little guy that I am working on. His name is "Max" and I should be finished with him later on today.

Color 'Recipe' Paper

When I get a new pad of paper, I usually take a sheet or two and cut them down into fours and leave them in the back of the pad.