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The past few weeks I've been busy with a stay with my mother for her surgery. Fortunately, the surgery was cancelled but due to bad reasons. While I spent the last week with her, I watched a lot of the People's Court and similar shows. There is one steady theme in them - Where are the receipts? Where's the contract?

Artist Statements, Resumes and CVs, Oh My!

As a recruiter, I spend a lot of time looking at resumes. Some are good, others really bad. Some are professional, others pretty and some just don't set a person out from the crowd. Does this mean that you should include fancy fonts and images? Nope. Not at all. As a matter of fact, I strongly advise against it.

So, what difference does it make if I use an artist statement or a curriculum vitae to apply for that position. They are both the same! If you had really paid attention to details, you would know that they are not the same and should not be substituted for one another.