Art Display Recommendations

Protecting your artwork and photos

Framing art protects it from dirt, dust and handling. I strongly suggest using a professional framer. While frames can be inexpensively purchased at Walmart, they will not protect a piece of artwork properly. Over time the piece can fade or buckle.

Works on paper must be framed with archival materials. The paper must be mounted so that it can be removed later. Archival materials include 100% acid-free, pH-balanced backing, archival mats, linen paper tape, cellulose paste. Non-archival materials can discolor the paper, lead to breakdown of the materials used in the artwork and a whole bunch of other bad stuff, but I think you get the idea.

A mat is necessary to provide a space between the work and the glass. The glass should never press against the artwork. If the artwork needs to be removed from the frame, it could possibly stick to the glass.

Speaking of glass, museum- or conservation-grade is highly recommended. It provides a glare-free surface and contains UV protection. Yes, your artwork will fade if placed in direct sunlight.

Never have your artwork dry-mounted. It is preferable to have it hinged, a process that uses linen paper tape. Cellulose paste can also be used in mounting. Never use masking tape or scotch tape to mount.

It is advisable to not hang art on the interior outside walls of your home, or over radiators and vents. Moisture and temperature changes can affect the artwork.

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