August: Sunlight

I rarely ever do a duplicate of a work. I can barely get through one piece sometimes before I begin getting bored. I don't know how I did three versions of Sunlight...

Summer was pretty much non-existent in Northeast Pennsylvania. My heat was on until almost the end of June and it rained practically all of July. During this time I started working on this sunflower and I could not get the colors right. The shading was coming out too dark, all wrong. I had done sunflowers before, what was making this one so difficult? I scrapped it like five times, utterly disappointed with myself each time. Maybe it was my mood. Maybe it was the weather. It could have possibly been a combination of both.

One day toward the end of July, an idea popped into my head about this flower that had been defeating me. Maybe, I thought to myself, I should try it with pastel pencil instead of colored pencil. I was so pleased with the results. I had finally produced something that did not appear to have blight. The other thing I did notice was that it was sunny out.

cba p sunlight I w
 Sunlight I by Carol Bond Art
Completed with pastel pencils

Since I solved the mystery of the colors to use for the sunflower in pastel pencil, I decided to revisit it with colored pencil. The sky was a little darker than what I had wanted. I could have worked on it a little more to lighten it, but like I already mentioned, I rarely create a duplicate of a piece. I was starting to get bored. But it was a success.

cba cp sunlight w

Not actually having had enough of this flower, I decided to work on it with Alyona Nickelsen's Brush and Pencil Powdered Blender. This was going to be a record for me. Unfortunately, I did get a little messy toward the end with the blue, but I think the shading in the flower came out really good. 

cba pb sunlight III w
COMPLETED WITH powdered blender

By mid-August, I had completed all three versions of 'Sunlight'.  The first three weeks of August were very sunny. By the end of week three, the heat started turning back on.

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