Cotton Canvas & Colored Pencils

All I can say is Wow!

When I started with my first work on cotton canvas, I did not realize I would be working on three pictures. It began as more of an experiment after viewing Robert Kogge's Crafty class, Mixed Media Drawing Colored Pencil & Ink Wash. I was dreading beginning. There was a lot of surface prep to be done and it could be quite messy. I had to mix pumice grounds with ink and water. I had never worked with ink and imagined it would be quite like my experience with watercolors.

I gathered up my canvas and attached it to some boards that I had laying around. I never imagined that getting thumbtacks into a Formica covered board would be so difficult. I now have added a hammer to my art supplies. 

I mixed my inks with water until I had a color that resembled coffee. I was leery about the color I created but decided it would have to do. I then mixed the ink with the pumice grounds. I grabbed my first board with canvas attached and applied my coffee-colored ground mixture to it. I looked at the amount I had left over and decided I had better do all of the pieces of canvas so I wouldn't waste the rest of the mixture. I had cut my canvas down into nine-inch squares and ended up with four pieces that would be worked on. 

After letting the canvas dry, I decided I would work on a pumpkin. They are relatively easy to do and would work well with the underpainting. I decided to use my Lyra Rembrandts for the pumpkin because if it didn't turn out well, I wouldn't be wasting my Polychromos or Luminance on it. I was quite impressed with the result. So much so, that I decided to work on another. I did some eggs with an egg cup next but decided to try Prismacolor Premiers, which is what Robert had used. I was falling more in love with colored pencils on canvas. I decided I would work on one more piece. I thought the vase would look terrific with the techniques used. I was determining which pencils to use when I remembered that Derwent Coloursoft had a line of browns and earthy colors that would work great.

cba blue wall Pumpkin w 
cba blue wall eggs w
cba blue wall vase w 
   Blue Wall Series by Carol Bond Art

Oh My Gawd! I have found the calling for Coloursoft pencils. They work like butter on the canvas, minus the oil stains. They blend unbelievably smooth on the surface, with the colors mixing extremely well together and you can still see the canvas texture through them.

I plan on having a tutorial on the method I used, which is a slight adaptation from Robert's method. I will let everyone know when it is completed.

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