Suede Matboard for Colored Pencil

A surface that is very unique.

The majority of people who work with colored pencils have heard about the artist, Gemma Gylling. She does unbelievable work with colored pencils on suede matboard. Her work was the first that I studied when I first started drawing with colored pencils. 

What is suede matboard?

It is a matboard that is generally used as a mat when framing a picture. Like all matboards, it can be cut to any size or shape that you want. As far as the texture, remember the black, felt-covered posters or pictures from many years ago? The surface is like that except plusher and softer. It feels like suede, but it is not actual suede.

wTexas carolbondart
 Texas by Carol Bond Art
Why should I use it?

Suede matboard provides a surface to work on like no other, especially if you are working on animal portraits. The surface grabs the color from the pencil allowing you to work in the darkest shades possible or creating the whitest highlights necessary. The pencils will blend themselves on this surface, no OMS is needed. You can also work from dark to light.

Where do I get it? 

Crescent brand is the only brand that I know of that states their suede matboard is conservation-grade being acid-free and lignin-free. It is made in a variety of colors in 32" x 40" sheets. It is available through Dick Blick, or on Gemma's website in smaller sizes. Amazon does have a suede matboard being sold, but it does not state which company makes it.

So if you work with colored pencils and enjoy animal portraits, you might be interested in trying this unique surface to work on. I don't think you will be disappointed.

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