Top 4 Ways to Create Your Line Drawing

The top four ways to create your line drawing so that it does not show through colored pencil artwork.

4. Colors that Match the Area.

multi pencil

The least popular method of creating a line drawing for colored pencil, but the one that might involve the least amount of erasing is using colors that match the subject's areas.

I would guess this isn't too high on the list because you have to have a pretty good idea of what colors you might use and switching out pencils for a line drawing could be tedious work.

3. A Light Colored Grey Pencil.

grey pencil

A light colored grey pencil is a popular choice fo rcreating a line drawing for colored pencil. Grey is a neutral color and can be hidden under other colors unless your drawing is in pastel colors or very light shades.

2. Erasable Colored Pencil.

col erase

While erasable colored pencils could mean either using a grey pencil or mulitple colors, erasable colored pencils are much easier to erase than a regular colored pencil. They are a popular tool for line drawing.

1. Graphite Pencil or Transfer Paper and Erase.


The most popular method by far is good ol' graphite. Most colored pencil artists will use either graphite transfer paper or pencils to lightly sketch in their line drawing and just erase the lines as they need to.

Well, that sums up the four top methods to create a line drawing for colored pencil. If you have a method that I did not mention, please drop me a message on my 1465446927 facebook social media online page.

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