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Carol Bond Art thinks it's important for you to understand how cookies and other similar technologies are used by Carol Bond Art and third-parties. These technologies help Carol Bond Art function, allow us to understand how you use the services, and have a number of purposes (other than advertising) that you can read about in this policy.

Cookie Policy was published on April 28th, 2018

What is a cookie

Cookies are small data files sent from a server to your web browser. They are stored in your browser's cache and allow a website or a third-party to recognize your browser. Cookies store data about your use, but are helpful because they allow the website to function and customize your experience.

Types of Cookies & other technologies

session cookies

Session cookies are specific to a particular visit and carry information as you view different pages so that you do not have to enter the information every time you change a page or checkout. These cookes expire and delete themselves automatically in a short period of time, either when you leave the site or close your browser.

peristent cookies

Persistent cookies remember certain information about your preferences for viewing the site and allows the website to recognize you when you return. These cookies are stored in your browser cach or mobile device until you choose to delete them, otherwise they usually delete themselves at expiration.

Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are placed by someone other than Carol Bond Art and may gather brwsing activity across multiple websites and sessions. They are usually a type of persistent cookie and are stored until you delete them or they expire based on the time period set in the cookie.

web beacons

Web beacons are tiny graphics that are usually not seen. They contain a unique identifier that is used to understand browsing activity. Web beacons are rendered invisibly on web pages when you open a page, they are not stored on your computer.

Social Widgets

Social widgets are buttons or icons provided by third-party social media providers. They allow you to interact with social media services when you view a web page or mobile app screen. These social widgets may collect browsing data, which may be received by the third-party that provided the widget and are controlled by the third-party.

UTM codes

UTM codes are strings that can appear in a url, which is usually the http or https address entered to go to a web page. The string can represent information about browsing, such as which advertisement, page or publisher sent the user to the receiving website.

Local storage objects

Local storage objects, also known as flash cookies, are sets of data that can be stored on your browser by a site or app. They can be used to maintain preferences, history of usage, or maintain the settings of an app.

How the cookies are used

Carol Bond Art uses cookie technology to recognize your logged-in to the website; to understand what items people are interested in; make the site function for you; and give you a more customized browsing experience while on the site.

Security and authentication

These technologies are strictly necessary as they maintain the security, safety and integrity of the site; authentication and logging into the site; and ensuring the ability to securely complete transactions.

Account and user preferences

These technologies are used to remember your account and preferences over a period of time such as maintaining your choice on certain features, keeping track of your preferred language and country.

social networks

These technologies help you interact with social networks that you are signed into while using the site, such as sharing content with the social network. These are controlled by the social networks and your preferences with those social networks.

Social networks may also provide analytics for marketing purposes. 

 Performance and analytics

These technologies provide performance on the service is functioning in order to improve the website. This help may include how the service is used to help improve your experience on the site; detecting and gathering reporting on bugs to help make the site work better.

Carol Bond Art utilizes Google Analytics to help understand how Carol Bond Art is used. 

Marketing services

Carol Bond Art works with third-party service providers that may use various cookie technologies that allows the site and the third-party too learn about what ads you see and click. This can include:

  • Attibution tracking which estimates what advertising or marketing source brought a person to the site, or what marketing source led to actions like a visit or purchase.
  • Remarketing which shows relevant ads to an audience based on prior shopping and browsing patterns.
  • Audience targeting which referes to advertisements tageted to a large audience based on the audience's known or inferred demographics
  • Cross-device recognition which recognize actions across multiple devices or browsers.

Some third-party service providers may provide information like demographics, cross-device information or interest categories from a combination of sources that, while not identifying you personally, permit Carol Bond Art to provide you with more relevant and useful content and advertising. These technologies allow recognition of you through a cookie, an IP address or device ID, but do not allow access to other personal information. These third-parties are required to follow applicable laws and self-regulatory programs, but Carol Bond Art does not have control over these third-parties, who have their own privacy policies and practices.

consent in processing

By choosing to use the Carol Bond Art website after having been notified of our use of cookie technologies in the ways described in this policy, through notice and unambiguous acknowledgement fo your consent, you agree to such use.

management in processing

Each third-party provides its own privacy policy and a method to opt-out of the cookies they use. This information can be found below.

google analytics & Bitly

Google's Privacy Policy describes in detail the information gathered through Google Analytics. You can prevent Google's collection and use of data by downloading and installing the browser plug-in available. Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

The Bitly Privacy Policy describes in detail the information gathered through Bitly. You can prevent Bitly's collection and use of cookie data by using the 'opt-in' or 'opt-out' feature located on that page.

affiliate linking

Each affiliate linked below has their own privacy policy. You can prevent affiliate linking cookies by not clicking on the links.

Browsers and Devices

To prevent your browser from accepting cookies, the following links have instructions on how to disable cookie tracking for your browser or device.

Social bookmarks

Links to the privacy policies of social media platforms are below. If you do not wish for social media platforms to receive any data, do not click on the social media graphics.

Third-party vendors

Carol Bond Art utilizes the following third-party vendors for the purpose of selling artwork, ACEOs and providing other services. The privacy policies of these vendors are linked below.


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