What is Patreon?

Patreon helps me get paid for the things that I create. It is similar to Kickstarter, but I am offering a discounted price on tutorials that will be sold in the carolbondart shop.

Why Patreon?

I have created a Patreon account because there are so many new artists entering the colored pencil art world and we need a variety of artists aiding them in their journey. I will be working toward many goals, which include upgrading my studio area, purchasing a camera for video tutorials, and supporting myself as an artist.

What do you get?

My Patreon account offers you a discount of colored pencil art tutorials. I've decided to use the 'pay per creation' model so that you are not getting a monthly charge and you only pay when I have posted a tutorial.

I want to thank you in advance for your support, it means very much to me.